Need a Subcontractor for Your Project?

Get in touch with us for professional commercial carpentry service in Hollis, NY, the 5 boroughs of New York City and the surrounding area

Do you need a subcontractor for your project in Hollis, NY, the 5 boroughs of New York City, and/or the surrounding area? Then you need My Crew 2. We're a licensed commercial carpenter service that can provide help with general labor and construction or for just the actual carpentry itself. With over 30 years of industry experience, you can trust our detail-oriented team to do an exceptional job on your project. If needed, we provide residential labor assistance as well.

Get subcontractors you can trust to handle your professional commercial carpentry services by teaming up with our crew today.

MyCrew 2 has 6 years of experience in providing temporary manpower to companies of all sizes

Instead of hiring permanent help for short term projects of 2 years or less, use MyCrew 2. With our help, you only use people when you need them.
You will be able to control the size of your work force. When work is slow, you can use a small crew. When work picks up, you can use more of our work force, helping keep your costs under control.

STOP looking for things for your guys to do when you do not really need them. Our rates are better than what you have to pay your guys to push a broom when work is slow. Just tell us and we will be able to accommodate your needs.

We are fully insured and were the lead company in the New York Build It Back Program. We provided all the manpower for local and out of town companies that came here just for the Build It Back Project. A few of the companies we have helped are:

  • Ducky Johnson Construction House Lifter
  • House Mover (Florida)
  • D. Handy Construction (Cross Bay Queens)
  • RBBC Rockaway Beach Construction

Our work force is well trained and all OSHA certified with their SSTs from Labor to site superintendent. Stop wasting money and give us a call at 347-397-3479.